Healing Infidelity

Learn about the cancer of infidelity, its impact on marriage, and how to prevent or recover from it. Damon & Tamika share the effects of infidelity on marriage, as well as ways to avoid it or heal from it. This is an interactive opportunity to ask questions and get answers. 

Marriage Triangle.jpg

the marriage triangle

Learn what a triangle can teach us about the gaps in our marriage and what they mean. This visual lesson challenges husbands and wives to consider the gaps in their marriage and how to overcome them. Damon & Tamika discuss how to close the gaps based on how God constructed marriage to function.   


The Proverbs 31 Marriage

Is Proverbs 31 only about a strong wife or the fruit of partnership in marriage? Damon & Tamika offer a more in-depth perspective on this all-important story in the Bible. We discuss the wisdom found in the story and the power of partnership in the home.    

Blueprint Design

New Marriage Under Construction

Newly engaged, newly married or married for years, learn what building a house can teach us about building stronger marriages. Damon & Tamika use home construction as a backdrop to address the proper building of a marriage, as well as identifying unaccounted for cost. 


The Fight For Marriage

What does it take to get into the ring of marriage? Who is in your corner? How can you win the fight? Using Creed 2 as a backdrop, Damon & Tamika discuss these topics as well as the Standing 8 Count and what it means for marriage.