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Our Story

They both walked in, filed the application, and paid the fee.  A few days later, they would do it.  They would say I do and set off on the journey called marriage.


The day finally came.  They stood before the judge, said their vows and pledged their love for each other.  They left the courthouse, and neither of them was sure that they had done the right thing. They could only hope, but they said nothing.


Fast-forward to around year 14 of the marriage, and it was in trouble. Divorce was an option!


They had questions to answer. Build or destroy? Stay or leave?


They decided to stay and build! The couple is us, and through the pain of the process of healing our marriage, Marriage Refresh was born!


We have discovered that many couples want their marriage, but most do not know how to have their marriage.


Tamika and I are not marriage counselors, but marriage coaches and supporters, helping others learn how to have their marriage. It is our purpose and our mission.


There is no magic process, but through truth and transparency, we know that your marriage can be great!