Are You Flirting with Danger Outside Your Marriage?

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

Ever reading about and studying marriage I am currently reading a book by June Hunt titled, “Adultery The Snare of An Affair”.  I am not sure that I agree with everything she is saying but she is using the story of David as the backdrop.

In one part of the book she has an acrostic for the word TEMPTATION and it makes me ponder the question that is the subject of this post.

Tasting the forbidden Lured by the eyes tasting

Emotional enticements Focusing on lustful feelings

Minimizes the marriage Devaluing the marriage commitment

Physical absence Avoiding home and family

Trading priorities Choosing pleasure over principle

Anger over accountability Refusing to discuss marriage problems

Twisting the truth Lying about the affair

Imagining the impure Fixated on fantasy thinking

Obsessed devotion Defending and justifying the “third-party”

Neglecting righteous ways Hardening the heart toward God

Now this post is simple.  Where are you, if anywhere, in the cycle?  Stop and take the time to get it together because you are in dangerous waters.

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