Letter To The Other Woman

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

This is a section from my upcoming book ‘The Dirty Crown’ in the chapter titled…’Letter’s from Craig’.

I hope you enjoy it and looking forward to your comments and feedback.

Dear Dosa, I hope you are doing well.  My friends have warned me about you.  Solomon told me where you lead to in Proverbs…Lecrae told me you were a “killa” and Tremayne told me that you like to stalk at The Sandwich Shop.

I thought I saw you the other day when I was in the gym.  You were 3 treadmills away from me.  I saw you!  Your yoga pants were fitting you very nicely.  I didn’t miss you when you were on the thigh master machine as I was on the weight bench.  It took all I could do to keep my head turned to not focus on what you were trying to expose.

You almost had me when you struck up a conversation after I spotted you on the weight bench.  Tremayne was right, your voice is seductive.  Everything about you draws men.  Your eyes, your voice, your scent and yes your figure.  What I found most attractive and dangerous though had nothing to do with any physical attribute.

The most dangerous and unsettling thing about you is the thing that I believe Tremayne could not figure out, but had enough presence of mind to run from.  He ran from what is hidden behind all of your external features.  You have the uncanny talent of knowing exactly how to attack the wound of a damaged man and even more frightening is that behind your voice are the echoes of the very thing the damaged, wounded man is seeking…respect, appreciation and admiration.  These 3 things can break any man who is missing them home and bring him to his knees if he is not careful.

Yes, when I heard your voice I was shocked that I could clearly hear the presence of this most valuable nutrient to the masculine soul.

Oh how desperate is the masculine soul to be fed from a woman with sincere respect, appreciation and adoration for him.  How many men have I talked to that expressed the damage done to their very soul because of the absence of these nutrients?  How many times have we longed for it from the women we loved and couldn’t seem to find a drop until…? 

Until you show up.  Something about your presence unnerves women and most of them pull their men closer as a result and feed his soul.  There are many times that you do not show up and then these nutrients are only offered after the women we love have inflicted great damage upon our already weakened soul.   They do not offer it until the enemy is making sport of us, we are on the cross or some other ill fate, but by then we are either too weak to be encouraged by it or too untrusting to accept it.

You see in our mind the respect, appreciation and adoration is now tainted…it no longer has the same value it once held because motive is unclear, but I digress.

You want to know what all of this has to do with you, well let me tell you.  I will not fall into your trap today and if the Lord God blesses me, ever.  You are capable of bringing most men down and I cannot say with full confidence that there might not have been a day that I would have been a willing victim, offering little resistance.  However, I am motivated to not only resist you, but to teach others as well.

So let me leave you with these words…I refuse your fruit, your lie, your temporary respect, appreciation, adoration and your coffin.  I will not be bound by you.  I know you will not stop, but I will not quit either.  I will not quit on my marriage for you, I will not quit on my children for you, I will not quit on my community for you and above all I will not quit on my God for you!  I will fight you at every turn!