Marriage On The Road

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

Today me and the family were on the road, but in different cars.  In the car with me was our oldest son and my wife, daughter and youngest son were in the other car.

We were trailing our pastor to go view a piece of property.  When we started out the pastor and his wife were in the lead car, followed by one of the elders and his family, then my wife and finally me.

At one of the turns I ended up in position behind the pastor, followed by the elder and then my wife.  Now there was distance and obstacles between she and I.

It was a rainy day and I kept a constant watch to make sure my wife made all of the lights behind us.  I was not sure where we were going, but if she missed a light and had to call me, I wanted to be able to update her so she could catch up.

As I was driving a couple of things came to mind in the context of marriage and I believe these revelations are helpful.

In marriage rain and storms will come, but it is important to remember: ​

  1. Always keep an eye out for one another in the traffic of life. 

  2. Always be aware of the obstacles that can come between you in the journey and cause you to lose sight of each other:

  3. Work

  4. Children

  5. Church…not God, but the activity of worshiping God according to the requirements of men

  6. Friends

  7. Selfishness

  8. During storms:

  9. Use caution…not everyone drives properly in the rain

  10. Be observant…anticipate additional trouble…be a proactive driver and not reactive

  11. Heed the forecast of bad weather and prepare accordingly

  12. Hazards that are usually easily seen during good weather become more difficult to see during a storm

  13. Don’t let someone else’s careless driving, wreck your car

  14. Prepare your vehicle for travel:

  15. Make sure your tires have proper threading to maintain proper traction with the road.

  16. In marriage prayer, communication and trust are the tires on which your marriage rolls.

  17. Make sure you have good brakes

  18. The breaks in marriage is the honoring of your vows.  Your vows remind you of the commitment you made to God regarding your spouse.

  19. Good brakes are essential to making safe stops…during bad weather the roads are slick because of the oil left by others or past incidents in your marriage.  This oil makes stopping more difficult, which means that you have to make extra preparation to make a safe stop.

  20. Make sure your headlights are in proper working order so that others can see you…to often couples parade around without the very rings they committed to each other at the alter during their wedding.  Rings are one way others can identify that you have a “passenger” and otherwise taken

 So what’s the point?  There are many other points that you can take from this analogy, but my primary point is this…the journey of marriage is not always a smooth one.  Storms is but one thing that can impact the ride…preparation for storms, even when they are not in sight, is always better than preparing during the storm because the forecast regarding the intensity of the storm is not always accurate.