The Story of Marriage Refresh

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

They both walked in, filed the application and paid the fee.  A few days later they would do it.  They would say I do and set off on the journey called marriage.

The day finally came.  They stood before the judge, said their vows and pledged their love for each other.  As they walked out to the courthouse neither of them was sure that they had actually done the right thing, they were each silently hoping that it was right and that it would last.

Fast-forward several years to a place where unwelcome and devastating news is revealed and the union of 15 or 16 years is in question.  The couple had lost their way and the future of their union was uncertain.

This couple is us!  Marriage Refresh was born out of more than a decade of struggle to understand marriage and what it means.  Now we are equipped with our pain, our lessons and our healing, prepared to be transparent to help others avoid or recover from the pain of marriage when it is not done right.

Tamika and I do not see ourselves as marriage counselors as much as marriage facilitators.  Facilitators help make things easy or easier and that is our goal.  To help your marriage be done easier.  This does not mean that it will not take effort.

Marriage Refresh is all about doing something new in your marriage and not the same things that have frustrated you in your marriage.

Follow our blog and join us on Facebook weekly to gain what you need to grow your marriage.  Reach out to us if you need private marriage facilitation sessions or want to bring Marriage Refresh to your community or church.

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