Why Faking It In The Bedroom Is Killing Your Marriage

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

“A man feels more like a man if he knows he’s satisfying a woman’s sexual needs. Most women understand this and know the importance of boosting a man’s confidence.  It’s important for a man to feel like he’s an adequate lover so a woman feels the need to fake her orgasm to make him feel like he’s a good lover.” ~Confident Lover~

So let me hit a sensitive topic right quick.  As men we absolutely want to make sure we are providing for our wives in every way.  We want to be providers of substance, protection and fulfillment.  This is especially true when it comes to the bedroom.

Contrary to popular belief and the general way men are portrayed, sex is more than just an act to us.  It is the way we connect and express our connections.  Nothing hurts a man more than when he is acutely aware that he is not satisfying his wife in the bedroom.

The link provided discusses why women “fake it”.  Let me give you the short version, we know when you are faking it and while you may do it because you understand the above and don’t want to hurt our feelings.  However, because we know you are faking it, it hurts our feelings more.  As men we want you to talk to us, tell us what you like or don’t like, especially in the bedroom.

There is never any reason for a person to cheat in their marriage, but I can tell you from various conversations with men many stepped out because they were acutely aware that they were not meeting the needs of their wife in the bedroom and “faking it” had gotten to them.  All they wanted to know was had they lost the ability to satisfy a woman, since they could not satisfy their wife.

There are wives who cheat because they want to know if they can fulfill their man…that is a topic for another post.

If you want a stronger, happier marriage, talk with your husband about what makes you happy in the bedroom and watch him work to make it happen.  But if you want to continue to secretly damaging your husband and your marriage, keep faking it.  Just don’t say you were not warned!

Check out the link: Why Women Fake Orgasms below.


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